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I bought a package of personal training sessions for my pup Ozzy. Skylar was our trainer and she was absolutely amazing. Her instruction and tips made Ozzy a better dog and me a better dog owner. With practice he continues to improve weekly. It's all about doing your homework and Skylar really stressed that and I'm glad she did. It has made all the difference.
O. Liggio
We first used Woof Dogs to train our dog Mojo. Mojo had many behavioral problems when we rescued him, so we needed expert help. After our very first training session Mojo and I both learned enough so that I could walk him on a leash without being dragged down the street. By the end of our set of sessions Mojo was walking so well by my side on leash that people would comment about how well-behaved he is. Shay truly worked wonders with our dog, who went from being a high strung dog that nipped and dragged us down the street to a wonderful family pet.
Tina Tobin
I rescued Cash about a year and a half ago and he had endured so much abuse and pain in his short life that he doesn't understand that not all people and dogs are here to hurt him. With the help of Woof Dogs , I feel so much more comfortable in his basic obedience that I can walk him and not expect the worst every time. The two week boot camp was just the beginning of our training , but I'm confident in Shay and his team that they will help Cash and I get to where we want to be .
Michelle H.
We brought our dog, Reagan, for some serious training sessions, he was there for two weeks. He had some problems listening, staying and wouldn't jump in the car. He came back well trained and it's now up to us to enhance that training by repetition and constantly working with him on the commands he learned during his stay. We highly recommend the team, not only excellent dog trainers but great and friendly people.
Heath W.
I'm so highly satisfied with Woof Dogs. Shay,Shoval and Skylar are amazing . I brought my 2.5 year old very stubborn boy to their 10 day bootcamp and It exceeded all my expectations. How they worked with him and kept me updated on his progress throughout his time with them was awesome and put me at ease with being away from him. They are really amazing and God gifted them with a beautiful talent that I'm so happy I came across. I will definitely be going back for advance bootcamp. Thank you guys again! Princeton and I are so thankful.
Brandi Y.
We brought our 6 month old poodle to the incredible facility off of Okeechobee Blvd. In just two short weeks Nala was staying, sitting, and taking orders like a pro! Shai and the guys did an incredible job. I would 100% recommend to anyone looking for ANY kind of training. I will be bringing all of my future pups out in the future!
Sam G.