We Speak your Dog's Language

We are a team of dog trainers and canine behavior consultants. Our motto is “We Speak Your Dog’s Language,” and that is exactly what we do. We believe that clear communication is the key to strengthening the bond between you and your dog.

Who we are

Our goal is to create balance in the world of people and canines. We build a better bond between owners and their dogs by creating clear communication.

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Our training programs

What sets us apart from other trainers is that we create a custom program based on the evaluation and your specific goals.

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Client satisfaction is our primary objective. Seeing lives changed for the better tells us that we are doing our jobs well.

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Shay Maimoni is unlike any other dog trainer. His life’s passion is training dogs; it’s not just a job. Israeli-born, Shay was exposed to military training at the age of fifteen, when he entered a Naval High School. Immediately after graduating, he joined the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). Where he was first introduced to military working dogs. Since retiring the IDF, he has been training dogs for over 19 years. He lectures around the world on dog training & behavior modification as well as dog language & communication. Also, for the past decade he helps Law Enforcement, Military personnel and government agencies with all aspects of K9 training and counter terrorism.Founder of WooF Dog’s “We Speak your Dog’s Language” and Israeli Special Tactics K9. His life long mission is to keep the community safer by helping dogs, dog owners, and helping our homelands be safer.


We are so passionate about what we do. We don’t feel like we work a day in our lives


You will not only see a signifcant change in your dog’s behavior, but you will also know how to speak his language and communicate with him effectively


You are more than just a client; you and your best friend are part of the WooF Dogs family

We are so to have you join us

You are more than just a client; you and your best friend are part of the WooF Dogs family.
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