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Publix reminding pet owners about their animal policies

Popular grocery chain Publix is reminding it’s customers your four legged friends are not allowed to ride in shopping carts. Publix said it posted signs in its stores to inform customers only service dogs are allowed inside. It doesn’t matter how big they are, they have to stay on the ground. Doctor Ralph Calatchi, 74, depends on his two-year old German Shepard Labrador mix named Atlas.

Animal Planet - Collar of Duty

Atlas is the first service dog to be trained to assist a Parkinson’s disease patient. He helps his owner with a variety of tasks including helping with his mobility. When he is not working he is a loyal and loving pet. Atlas was featured on the Discovery Channel Tv show “Animal Planet’s” Collar of Duty.  

Service dog saves woman on airline flight

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – There was a scare in the air at 20,000 feet as a woman went into diabetic shock on a flight to West Palm Beach, but her four-legged friend proved to be a lifesaver.

Dog Appreciation Pawty

On Saturday, May 19th Subaru of Pembroke Pines were extending their hosPETality to all fur parents and their pawfect companions as they hosted the 3rd Annual Dog Appreciation Pawty.

Trainer speaks dogs' language

Shay Maimoni talks to his dogs in Hebrew. But for Maimoni, who trained dogs while serving in the Israel Defense Force’s Special Operations K9 Unit, it’s all about the dog’s language.


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