Obedience Group Class

Does your dog need a little bit of help in the manners department? WooF Dogs would love to
introduce you to our Basic Obedience group classes! In this fun and interactive group class you
and your pup will learn all the basics in an environment designed to give your dog a strong
foundation for good behavior even under distraction. Your four legged friend will have the
opportunity to learn focus on the owner, sit, down, stay, come when called, walking on a loose
lead and heel. Even more importantly our experienced trainers will teach you how to speak your
dog’s language and help you learn to communicate with your dog in a successful way!

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* This class is open to dog friendly dogs or rehabilited dog reactive dogs with a signed approval form from one of WooF Dog’s behaviorist. If your dog has received rehabilitation training elsewhere please ask for an evaluation to be approved for this class.


Week 1

Learn how your dog communicates and teach them the foundations for all their other behaviors.

Cues learned; Focus, Touch and Their Name

Week 2

Learn how to start walking your dog comfortably on a leash and what it really means to have a calm respectful dog.  Cues learned; Sit, Focus in motion and Leave It

Week 3

Learn what motivation means to your dog and engage them in a way that keeps their focus and happiness with YOU and not the other dogs. Cues learned; Sit, Down and Stand

Week 4

Learn what impulse control looks like for your individual dog and help them expand their understanding of Focus. Cues learned; Down Stay

Week 5

Learn how to engage your dog in distracting environments and have them happily walk by your side.

Cues learned; Heel and Loose Leash Walking

Week 6

Put everything you have learned into motion to teach the hardest part of all, the recall! Get your dog to come to you no matter what and earn your certificate for a job well done!

Cues learned; Come

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