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Trick Class

Learn to communicate with your
dog in a brand new way!

Trick Dog Group Classes - AKC Sport

Did you know that boredom in dogs is the leading cause of destructive and attention seeking behavior? For owners with tight schedules it can be hard to find a way to entertain your dog and keep them a happy member of the family, so we here at WooF Dog’s would love to introduce you to a fun easy way to keep your dog’s brain active! Welcome to Trick Dog!

Trick Dog is an AKC sport designed to help you and your dog interact in a brand new way that will help improve your relationship and family life. Learn to use a clicker and your dogs own desire to learn to make your dog the next great stunt dog! By the end of this class you and your dog will have the opportunity to know 12 brand new tricks to show off and a chance to take the AKC Trick Dog Novice test for your very own ribbon!

This class is a group course with limited space, sign up today to reserve your spot!

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Next Class 11/09


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* This class is open to dog friendly dogs or rehabilited dog reactive dogs with a signed approval form from one of WooF Dog’s behaviorist. If your dog has received rehabilitation training elsewhere please ask for an evaluation to be approved for this class.


Day 1 - Shaping

During this class you will use shaping techniques in order to teach your dog how to work out problems.

Tricks learned: Touch and Push

Day 2 - Lure

Using lure techniques, you’ll learn how to guide your dog to perform new fun behaviors.

Tricks learned:  On / Off / Kiss

Day 3 - Free Shaping

The next level of shaping consists in furthering your dog’s understanding of how to engage with the world in a productive way.

Tricks learned:  In / Hide / Head down

Day 4 - Love the clicker

Using the last 3 weeks of work, you’ll begin to teach your dog to work for the click.

Tricks learned: Hold / High-five

Day 5 - Be the clicker

Take everything you’ve learned and pick 2 tricks from the novice or intermediate list to teach your dog with the trainer’s help.

Tricks learned: Handler’s choice

Day 6 - Trick dog test

Graduation day – Take your trick dog novice or intermediate test and earn your title in ribbon

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