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How CBD (Cannabidiol) Products Help Dogs

How CBD (Cannabidiol) Products Help Dogs

CBD is a buzzword that has created a lot of excitement within the healthcare and pet training industry in the recent years. CBD or Cannabidiol, one of the many active cannabinoids contained within the cannabis plant has proven to be quite beneficial for dogs as well. This revolutionary medicine which has helped humans to reap a number of therapeutic and healthcare benefits for long, is now helping the entire pet industry. Pet owners can now help their dogs with an all-natural product that can truly deliver the desired results.

Removing the Misconceptions about CBD 

There is a misconception that has led some dog owners into believing that CBD induces a ‘high’ since it is extracted from the cannabis plant. However, this is not true at all. CBD is a non-psychoactive substance that contains marginal traces of THC, up to 0.3% or less. Since the concentration of THC, another cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant that is psychoactive in nature is very low, CBD for dogs doesn’t get your dog high. 

Another misconception that most dog owners believe is that CBD is an illegal substance that is neither regulated nor allowed at the local or federal level. Well, CBD is not an illegal substance as it doesn’t contain the THC element. CBD is being regulated at the state level as many states in the US have regulated its use for both medical and recreational purposes. This has made CBD readily available in the market, allowing dog owners to get access to useful CBD-products at their own ease and comfort. 

So, there is nothing to be sacred of as CBD is totally safe and reliable and is used by pet owners from every corner of the world. Clinical studies have proven that CBD greatly improves a dog’s health and ensures its overall wellbeing. In other words, CBD for dogs can truly be beneficial for your dog from each and every healthcare perspective. As a responsible dog owner, you should buy authentic CBD products and set the right dosage to ensure that your dog is benefitting from the use of CBD. 

CBD Products for Dogs

Initially, CBD used to come only in an oil form but now it comes in a wide variety of forms, including but not limited to CBD oil, dog chews, and more. Here are a couple of CBD products for dogs that can be incorporated into your dog’s food.



CBD oil is a popular CBD substance used for preventing, and treating a number of health conditions. CBD consumption in oil form is pretty easy. All you need to do is to incorporate and mix and blend the CBD oil in your dog’s daily diet to see a prominent difference in your dog’s overall health. CBD oil for dogs helps in promoting superior health and wellness. When it comes to dosage, it would be ideal to consult a vet for using the right product, and fixing the right dosage. 

Dog Chews

CBD chews are probably the easiest way to give your dog CBD every day. They can be included in your dog’s diet as prescribed by your vet to help your dog make the most out of CBD. Pet owners in the US prefer dog chews over other forms of CBD as they can be measured accurately and conveniently when making food for your dog. 

For more information about CBD, and how CBD and CBD-products are useful in altering your dog’s behavior, you can consult Woof Dogs LLC to make every dollar of yours spent on CBD count.

Disclaimer: The claims of health and medical benefits resulting from the use of our products made by Woof Dogs LLC are not guaranteed as they are sourced from secondary data over the internet. Any bold claims and statements made in the blog have not been evaluated by any local or international CBD regulatory agency.

Shay Maimoni

Shay Maimoni

Shay Maimoni is unlike any other dog trainer. His life’s passion is training dogs; it’s not just a job. Israeli-born, Shay was exposed to military training at the age of fifteen, when he entered a Naval High School. Immediately after graduating, he joined the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). From one position to another, his abilities were tested until one of the commanders noticed how well Shay connected with dogs. He was quickly positioned into working and training military working dogs (MWD). His personal dog in the military was a three year-old Rottweiler named Boss, who served as an anti-terrorism dog. Due to the restrictions on classified military information, minimal information can be shared. However, Shay’s experience in the military piqued his interest in working with dogs in the future

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